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Social Activity - Social & Professional Integration

Social and professional integration.


The main objective of the association is the work for social and professional integration of persons with limited ably. All  the people are part of the association and have their quality as humanity bings. Our obligation is to exterminate prejudgement, to avert exclusion  and to do the difference between the thing that society calls incapacitate but in the reality is just a damnification. For this reason the persons with limited ably have to apear their creative, artistic, intellectual and proffesional potential. For the improvement , vivification of this situation and to put  in efficence their potential towards the employement with this motto:

No Work, no integration- this fact is evidently and allowedly. They that havenít work, aim,they have missed an important structure of their life. For this reason the association offers a chance to realize your dream to be part of the association and have those priorities:

       Offer support for the promotion of artistics created.

       Organize sportive activity like : chess, swimming, ping-pong ect.

       Organize taurist activity.

       Organize training course.

       Computing training.

       Language course.

       Co-operation for the employed of our members.

       Make publicity for your demands and necessity.


Above activities will liberate from isolation the persons with limited ably and will affect  evidently overcoming psychological barrier that portage the persons will limited ably and sociaty.

Creation date : 19/03/2008 @ 22:44
Last update : 14/04/2008 @ 20:34
Category : Social Activity
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 It helps on social integration, offers administration help, professional education, health education.  We do exchange experience with all those have same healthy problems, social problems and economical too,

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